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Health benefits of milk

Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Nov 19

Cow's milk has long been associated with good health, making it one of the most consumed beverages throughout the United States and Europe.Milk has long been seen as a healthy drink, because it is high in a range of nutrients. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) guidelines for 2015 to 2020 suggest that Americans should consume "Fat-free or low-fat dairy, including milk, yogurt, chee...

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Editorial Team
Nov 13

GANGRENEIt is a condition that occurs when body tissue dies is caused by a loss of blood supply due to an underlying illness, injury, and/or infection. Fingers, toes, and limbs are most often affected, but gangrene can also occur inside the body, damaging organs and muscles. There are different types of gangrene and all require immediate medical attention. Gangrene causes : Blood ...

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Dr. Arjun Nayak
Nov 10

Dentophobia!!! An intense fear of visiting the dentist...   Scared of visiting your dentist?? Trust me most people who come to us are... Majority of people don’t look forward to taking a seat at the dentist’s office, some to such an extent that it paralyses them from actually getting the treatment that they need which eventually ends up aggrevat...

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Medisense Team
Editorial Team
Nov 09

Love, hope and miracles are the most powerful words in any language. To be able to love and be loved is the greatest gift one can ever receive. To be able to hope and dream for a better tomorrow is the only way some people live their today. Miracles are the only reason why so many theories are not explained every day.  Inspite of all these, there are days where meaning to life is l...

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Deepavali Greetings and safety tips

Editorial Team
Nov 05

Medisense Healthcare wishes a very happy, prosperous and safe Deepavali. May the Gods above shower upon you and your families the glitter and sparkle of everlasting joy. This Diwali, do something you have always wanted to do with family. Try your hands at making sweets at home or make your husband do the sweets or paint the diyas with your children....

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